General Terms and Conditions in MDB Escape Rooms

These General Terms and Conditions settle on the one hand the organization of “Escape Game” (hereinafter “THE GAME”) by MDB ENTERTAINMENT LTD, UIC: 206024437, with registered office and address of management Sofia, 37 Madrid” blvd. (hereinafter “ORGANIZER”) and on the other hand the conduct of the GAME by the players (hereinafter “PARTICIPANTS”).

1. About THE GAME

1) The GAME is held in accordance with the rules set by the ORGANIZER, in a room that he has prepared in advance.
2) Participation in the GAME take place after a reservation is made through the website of the ORGANIZER, on the spot or through a partner of the ORGANIZER.
3) THE GAME does not require specific skills on the part of the PARTICIPANTS. Basically, resourcefulness, agility, observation and good attitude are needed.
4) The maximum duration of one session of the GAME is one astronomical hour (60 minutes), and a minimum of two people and a maximum of five can take part in one session. The duration of the session may be extended at the discretion of the ORGANIZER.
5) Any information about the GAME is a trade secret that cannot be disclosed in any way or used. The information received in this regard should be kept confidential.


1) Each PARTICIPANT in the GAME is obliged to comply with these general terms and conditions in the interest of general safety during the GAME.
2) Only persons over 18 years of age may participate in the GAME. Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult to pay their participation fee and play with them in the GAME.
3) Pregnant women, people with cardiovascular problems, as well as people suffering from hypertension and claustrophobia, etc. cannot participate in the GAME. The ORGANIZER of the game is not responsible for incidents with participants who, despite their health condition, take part in the GAME.
4) If during the course of the GAME one of the participants is unable to continue his participation due to health or other reasons, he must terminate the participation and leave the room, accompanied if necessary by other participants. In this case, if the GAME is not reset, the other participants can continue their participation. In case of resetting the GAME, the reservation is canceled for a new day and time by mutual agreement.
5) In case of an accident or serious illness of any of the participants, a representative of the ORGANIZER of the game, exercising control over the process of the GAME, may decide to stop it prematurely.
6) In case some or all participants in the GAME are prevented from participating, the planned time and date of the GAME should be canceled no later than 24 hours before the agreed time. Otherwise, the participants from the respective group owe a penalty of 50% of the value of the reservation.
7) In case the participants are late by more than 15 minutes from the announced start of the GAME and the following playing time is reserved by other PARTICIPANTS, the agreed session of the GAME is canceled.
8) THE PARTICIPANTS in the GAME are obliged to protect from damage and / or destruction all sets and objects participating or not directly participating in the GAME.
9) THE PARTICIPANTS are not allowed to take images of any kind, such as photos, sound recordings, videos, etc. by using cameras, camcorders, camera phones and other devices with a built-in camera and / or microphone.
10) It is forbidden for the PARTICIPANTS to bring in any items that could cause damage to them or to the premises.
11) The presence of PARTICIPANTS who have used alcohol or any kind of drugs or other psychotropic substances is prohibited. It is forbidden to import, possess and consume alcoholic beverages, narcotic substances or any other psychotropic substances within the GAME.
12) The presence of PARTICIPANTS with a low level of personal hygiene is prohibited.
13) PARTICIPANTS who show aggression can be removed from the GAME, at the discretion of the ORGANIZER.
14) It is forbidden for the PARTICIPANTS to copy, distribute and show to third parties and / or publicly details of the GAME or the GAME in its entirety.
15) It is forbidden to any PARTICIPANT, directly or indirectly to copy and reproduce the GAME for commercial purposes within 2 years of their participation in the GAME. In case of violation of the prohibition of competition by the PARTICIPANT for the specified period, the Organizer has the right to claim compensation under the general procedure.
16) It is forbidden to participate in the GAME without the written consent in the form of a declaration of each PARTICIPANT individually.

3. About the ORGANIZER

1) The ORGANIZER is not responsible for incidents that may occur during the GAME, in case they are due to the behavior of a PARTICIPANT, due to negligence or use of items imported illegally into the premises.
2) The ORGANIZER of the game reserves all rights to claim compensation in case of intentional damage by the PARTICIPANTS of equipment and facilities that are part of the premises and are the property of the ORGANIZER of the game.
3) The ORGANIZER of the GAME may terminate it at any time in case one of the participants refuses to follow the rules of the GAME. In this case, the ORGANIZER will not owe either partial or full refund of the fees paid by the PARTICIPANTS.
4) The ORGANIZER of the game reserves the right to request image rights for the PARTICIPANTS when they take photos of its facilities and premises, as well as to request a ban on publishing these photos on the Internet, social networks and any other places for sharing with the public. circle of consumers, as well as to request a ban on their use for promotional purposes.
5) The ORGANIZER of the game reserves all rights to take legal action against any person who has committed an infringement of intellectual property rights.
6) The ORGANIZER of the game reserves the right to change the rules of the game and the general conditions at any time.